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The Bump™

What does the sun have in store for us next?

The Bump™ is a participatory online show in which a team of journalists – with their audience’s help – promise to uncover really going on, no matter the consequences. The work explores the News’s dependency on its viewership for legitimacy, and the potential for so-called hyperobjects, such as climate change or the internet, to break traditional News narratives and mediatisation. The Bump is a tenacious, shonky, and avowedly off-kilter charge through modern grassroots online news organisations. But if anyone asks, you could say it’s Brass Eye meets Welcome to Night Vale meets (plus something else altogether).

Created by
Mischa Jones, Andy Owen Cook, James Christensen

Lynne Kendrick, Nohar Lazarovich, Advanced Theatre Practice at RCSSD, Charlotte Blackburn, Alfie Heffer, Ivor MacAskill and UnShut Festival.

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