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The Bump™

What does the sun have in store for us next?

The Bump™ is a participatory online event where a team of journalists promise to uncover what’s really going on, no matter the consequences. It meets its viewers wherever they are and whatever their doing, inviting them to become participants shaping the media discourse in real time.

In our media landscape good news means higher sales and viral video clips. But in the real landscape this means calamity, disastre and outrage. These days the News can seem to casually segue into our daily lives, leaving deeply troubling information at the door before ringing the bell and running away. In The Bump™ this disconnection is short circuited, as the consequences of our “journalist's” discoveries begin reigning down on the studio itself, and the wannabe internet stars inside.

The future seems to be an increasingly precarious prospect. The Bump™ speaks to when a story seems to become too big, too chaotic and too important to fit inside a traditional news narrative that ought to stay detached, objective and remote. In doing so, the show holds up the political and psychological phenomena of our climate and ecological crisis. Through a hilarious, off-kilter charge through ‘alternative’ news, it asks what it means if the world on the TV or the laptop screen really is the same world as the one under your feet.

Created by
Mischa Jones, Andy Owen Cook, James Christensen

Lynne Kendrick, Nohar Lazarovich, Advanced Theatre Practice at RCSSD, Charlotte Blackburn, Alfie Heffer, Ivor MacAskill and UnShut Festival.

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