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The invitation:

Hi. We’re making a space to think and chat about Northern Syria. This is a bit of writing you can read before you spend some time with us. We are Andy, Alfie and Ben. Recently, we started to learn about Rojava, which is an area roughly the 1.5 times the size of Yorkshire. It’s hard to find all the facts. It’s harder still to hear the voices of people living and fighting there. But since the conflict in Syria began in 2011, Rojava has declared itself an autonomous region. These are people who have claimed a place and political system that is democratic, grassroots, representative of all ethnicities and focused on women's liberation. We want to present, as much as possible, the people who are living and struggling for Rojava, who are largely missing from most of what we see. 'The Rojava Project' is by Forest Sounds Theatre in collaboration with photographer Maryam Ashrafi.

The Rojava Project

An Eleven Hour Jigsaw Epic
& invitation to attempt the impossible

The Rojava Project is a participative installation created for Unshut Festival. Participants are invited to help assemble four 900-piece jigsaw puzzles depicting images taken during the Syrian Conflict by Miriam Ashrafi.

It's designed to create discussion about representation and alterity, and for us to educate ourselves, and others. It's accompanied by readings and talks from people in the region to lift our spirits as we attempt this impossible task.

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