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We want to meet:

For more information, including fees and how to get in touch, visit the links above for a job description.


Key info:

We're making a show. It's called Person Specification.

Person Specification is a theatre show disguised as a recruitment event.

It's a participatory event. In the show, the audience are actively involved in faciliating the interview an energised, highly-motivated job candidate who is applying for a highly sought-after job.

The show explores precarious labour, and how we are commodified by the job market. It will be performed in the North East, and then tour around the UK and in Spain.

There's more information about Person Specification here, and here.

We’re looking for people we have an artistic connection with, whose work and process will be a good fit for Person Specification.

If you have any questions, please email at [email protected]. If there is a way of making this process suit you more, do get in touch and let us know.

All the best, and we really look forward to hearing from you.


Who are we?

Forest Sounds are a critically-acclaimed collaboratively practising, interdisciplinary theatre company. Our performances places an audience at the centre of a surreal world that slowly opens up around them. The work is often comedic, but not always. We tend to be interested in contemporary socio-political issues, but not always. Forest Sounds's work has been presented at Theatre Deli, Alphabetti Theatre, Camden People's Theatre, Wardrobe Theatre, DNweekeND, UNSHUT Festival, DINA, and elsewhere.


N.b. We're not sure if will use David (the inflatable shark) in the show any more. David is the the most popular cast member by a long way, so we're pretty gutted. He's very pursuasive though. We'll see what happens.