Forest Sounds immersive theatre call-out for: Theatre makers, a Sound artist, a Lighting & stage manager

Forest Sounds Theatre are a company of artists. We make immersive, riotous, live theatre, and have been supported by the Arts Council to develop this practice with theatre makers in the North of England.

We are developing a performance that will take place on the 4th and 5th May at Theatre Deli in Sheffield, called A PARTY AFTER THE END OF THE WORLD. It will be an immersive mini-festival of theatre set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. It’ll will be full of happenings that are playful, interactive, and that have a socially conscious heart at their core.

What does a party set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia look like? What does a party set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia look like? Well, it’s being thrown by Forest Sound’s The Church of Jim, an illegal renegade organisation that was described by an audience member as "a party wrapped up in the guise of cult worship".

The Church of Jim is an absurd immersive performance. During ‘services’, the audience are the newest members in a world where the seas have vanished, the Earth no-longer supports life and a mysterious, highly technological regime attempts to control all memory and thought. Meanwhile, the Church desperately pursues a theology in which something called ‘Jimness' holds the key to humanity’s survival. The performance employs prayer, song, meditation, poetry, and audience participation. Check out the promos, trailers and the video of Church of Jim on our youtube channel.

The Church of Jim

Theatre maker, artist and performer information pack

Sound artist information pack

Lighting & stage manager application pack


Deadline for applications is 10am on Monday 5th March 2018.


Writing applications aren’t everyone’s strong suit. If that’s the case for you, we’re more than happy to take applications over the phone.


+447981598197 (Andy Owen Cook - like all seven billion of us: I’m busy. So if I don’t answer, send me a text.)

Who are Forest Sounds?

We’re a company of artists who have performed all over the country, and internationally. We’ve been making work as Forest Sounds since 2014 and we came together in Forest Sounds from a diverse range of artistic backgrounds to make work that engages with political, social, and technological ideas in serious and playful ways. We have made work for Moor Theatre Deli, Artsdepot, Wardrobe Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, DINA Venue, DNweekeND and a number of festivals.

Praise for the Church of Jim

The Church of Jim is a bizarre and wonderful theatre offering that leaves you delighted and disturbed.” - Sarah Sharp, Programmer and Producer, Theatre Delicatessen North

weird, wonderful and somewhat outrageous … with a genuine intention for positivity and community … from terrifying and bizarre, to beautiful and hypnotic.” - Samantha Williams, State of the Arts

"It felt a bit like an hour and half of a warm cuddle, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Lovely experience of what it feels to have and explore faith of any kind, as well as a brief insight into persecutions some face. Let us know the date of your next sermon, I'll see you there". - Amanda Munro – artsdepot Programming & Participation Assistant

"Our Artistic Director saw the Church of Jim's debut in Sheffield and immediately decided to look into a way to get the show to Rebuild festival. The cast were stupendous and the piece was the perfect combination of humour and intelligence which has the entire audience swept along with it. Praise Jim!" - Sara Hill