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Forest Sounds began with the start of the 2010s austerity and recession in the historically dissident city of Sheffield. Our mission is to develop radical, popular theatre for the 21st century.

Our performances push past the traditional performance-spectator relationship. We turn audiences into collaborators, and conspirers.

Our first performances were in a cavernous, semi-dilapidated building Sheffield’s town centre, converted by Theatre Deli. We saw the power of taking the audiences into a previously forbidden place, and we’ve been exploring new and transgressive performance ever since.

We’re an interdisciplinary practicing company. In our five years we’ve worked with performers, writers, directors, devisers, students, sound artists, electricians, video artists, astrophysicists, dancers, aerialists, builders, musicians, comedians, and designers, as well as producers and business and non-profit partners. Whether it’s our durational participative political jigsawing project, or a immersive service in a renegade cult, we follow the direction an idea leads.