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Forest Sounds are a critically-acclaimed theatre company from the North of the UK

We make live events that explore political and social contexts. We’re interested in how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves. Our approach is collaborative, interdisciplinary the shows are immersive and participatory.

Forest Sounds' shows are boldly experimental and foster a sense of the unknown wherever they take place – from auditoriums to phone boxes or shop-fronts. These are shows that place an audience in the centre of a surreal world that slowly opens up around them.

People often say that Forest Sounds' work is funny, raucous, and surreal. As artists we start with examining the social and political conventions of a event or institution. We want to turn audiences into collaborators, and co-conspirators. As theatre-makers we consider it our mission to win people over. We want to share our work with all people, especially those who think experimental contemporary theatre isn't for them.

Forest Sounds began in 2015 as a Resident Company at Theatre Deli in Sheffield, and the company has since shown work at Alphabetti, artsdepot, Hull Truck, Camden People's Theatre, DINA, DNweekeND, UnShut Festival, Wardrobe Theatre, Rebuild Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. The Stage said Forest Sounds “breaks spine-bristling new ground” and the company have received positive reviews in The Stage, The Quietus, State of the Arts, RMC Media and Now Then Magazine.

We're proud to have worked with political experts, clowns, astrophysicists, students, sound artists, video artists, dancers, aerialists, comedians, designers, as well as commercial and non-profit partners.

In our last show (in a building) A Party After End of the World we fully converted a warehouse space in Sheffield. The team of eight makers created a bicycle powered interactive dance floor – complete with VHS TV stack, aerial hoop solo-performance, and an amplified 12-foot tall robot head. The run was sold out and Samatha Williams (State of the Arts) wrote: “I found myself in a room full of almost strangers, giddy with the possibility of positive human interaction, and a new understanding that this work so subtly and cleverly has highlighted our separateness and brought us all together.

Forest Sounds is led by company directors Andy Owen Cook and Alfie Heffer.

Forest Sounds shows have also been made by:

Ben Jackson
Heather Morgan
Nathaniel Lastra
Amy Blake
Luke Thomas
Luke Cornwell
Adam Magennis
Jack Poole
Inés Collado
Olga Hernandez
Mischa Jones
Cameron Naylor
Frances Alison
Michael Cook
Aaron Mears
Peter Martin
Belisa Branças
James Christensen